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The Full Story

About Me

Hi! My name is Jamie Sievers. I am a 4th generation Montanan and farmer/rancher. I am a Christian, wife, mom, photographer, animal lover, and completely right brained (I can design just about anything but my organization skills need a lot of work)!
For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with weddings. Every place I would go with a beautiful backdrop and amazing lighting, my instant thought would be, "Someone should have a wedding there!" While in High School I got the opportunity to work in a flower shop with my mom and I was also an FFA member, and participated in the floral culture program. My other passion was photography! After highs school I worked various jobs and supplemented income by doing flowers and armature photography. One of those jobs was working in a bridal shop selling dresses and helping people pick out tuxes. While there I also started helping people coordinate their weddings. Then I had the opportunity to go to photography school, and from there I opened a studio and went full time professional. However there was still one dream I wanted to conquer, and that was to own a ranch and open my own venue.  Something rustic, with an abundance of old barn wood, a barn filled with lights, and a silo made into a bar. This vision had been so many years in the making. I knew exactly what I wanted!


About Us

Jack and I got married in 2011. We have 4 amazing kids that took a lot of work to get. We thank God for them every day, even when they are driving us crazy! I was fortunate to find someone who had the same passion for farming and ranching that I did, and someone trusting enough to go along with my crazy ideas. In 2013 we bought our first house with 20 acres. It started small with a couple horses, one milk cow, 10 chickens, and a few feeder pigs.

In 2020 we got the opportunity to purchase a ranch up the road. The first time we toured it and went to the first hay barn, I told him "this is going to be my wedding venue!" The summer of 2020, when no one could work, we put all of our time, effort, and money into building the venue. We did everything from plowing fields to hauling a grain bin 200 miles across Montana.

We still live at our little farm and there we have a herd of dogs and cats, several chickens, and quite the collection of show pigs, who raise babies every year for 4h and FFA kids. We also have a single sheep who thinks she is a dog (you may see her in some of the venue pictures).

The ranch is home to our ever growing cow herd and our horses. You have a good chance of meeting any one of them while you are there. You may also see Jack out in the tractor farming the fields or cutting hay. This truly is a family run business. Everyone helps, from sweeping and mowing the venue to working cows and bucking bales.



What do you do when all your dreams come true?

You help others make theirs come true... at least their dream wedding!

From the mountain views to the stunning sunsets I hope my vision can be everything you are looking for to make your wedding everything you want it!

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